Help Co-op workers win their union!

unionize the Co-op poster

Willy Street Co-op workers are currently trying to unionize their workplace. Co-op management is viciously anti-union, and the workers need all the support they can get to win the fight. Here's what you can do right now:

  1. Print off the post image above.
  2. Take a selfie with it.
  3. Post your selfie on Facebook and send it to so we can make a collage of all of them.

The union vote has been set for September 3rd and 4th, so please do this today!

MADSA responds to Josh Kaul's planned defense of Act 10
DSA Madison

Recently elected as Attorney General, Democrat Josh Kaul indicated recently that he anticipates defending Act 10 in court, should a challenge emerge. Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America condemns this statement and any others that signal working people of Wisconsin to lower their expectations after electing supposedly friendly representatives.

Scott Walker's signing of Act 10 in 2011 ushered in a devastating new era in the war against working people in Wisconsin. It crippled the ability of public sector unions to collectively bargain, and together with the signing of "right to work" legislation, it has resulted in the loss of 139,000 union workers, dropping union membership from 14.2% pre-2011 to 8.1% today. The effect has been lower wages, more expensive health insurance, worse working conditions and a shortage of teachers in Wisconsin.

Statement of Support for Stone Creek Coffee Workers' Union
DSA Madison

Madison-Area Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA) supports workers at Stone Creek Coffee in their efforts to form a union and win representation with Teamsters Local 344. At the beginning of March, Stone Creek Coffee Workers’ Union (SCCWU) announced that they had filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a union representation election. Stone Creek workers have bravely publicized their low pay, unreliable schedules, and lack of basic standards like the right to bathroom breaks as employees of a highly profitable company with plans for expansion.

Madison-Area DSA Supports Badgercare Expansion
DSA Madison


Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America strongly endorses the inclusion of Medicaid/BadgerCare expansion in the budget introduced by Governor Tony Evers today. Medicaid expansion will accept federal funding to raise the eligibility line for BadgerCare from 100 percent to 138 percent of the federal poverty line. Over the next budget biennial, it will increase federal health care funds in Wisconsin by nearly $800 million and decrease state government liabilities by nearly $280 million, money that will then be available for other urgent needs like schools, housing, and transportation.

A significant benefit to working class Wisconsinites. Currently, a single person can only make up to $1040.83 per month if they want to remain eligible for BadgerCare. Expansion will allow Wisconsinites to work full-time without the fear of losing their health insurance. It will also provide stable health insurance, without cost sharing, to 82,000 additional Wisconsinites.

MADSA Endorses Ananda Mirilli
DSA Madison

DSA is proud to endorse Ananda Mirilli for Seat 5 on the MMSD Board of Education. A socialist with professional experience in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Ananda is running in opposition to charter schools and vouchers and supports union organizing. She has made strong statements in support of terminating the ERO program and will work to restructure public education to serve poor students and students of color.

Ananda is enthusiastic about building an ongoing partnership with Madison DSA, and we're excited to work with her as she helps transform our schools into better and more equitable learning environments!

Learn more about her at her campaign website, and vote for her in the primary on February 19 and the general election on April 2.

Stop the WI GOP power grab!
DSA Madison

There's nothing civil about attacks on the working class!

Today, the Wisconsin legislature is opening a session to hear on a series of bills proposed by the GOP, which constitute a naked power grab to diminish the authority of the incoming governor and attorney general. Among other things, they seek the ability to replace the attorney general with a special counsel puppet at will; to infringe early voting rights; to move the Wisconsin presidential primary to March so fewer people show up for conservative Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly's election in April.

This by itself is an affront to democracy in our state. But moreover, the reason the Republicans are making such efforts to reduce the power of the voting public is because they know the rest of their agenda is so brutal and inhumane that a fairly represented public won't allow for it. They seek always to ravage the state's schools, dismantle our healthcare system, impoverish the workers and then punish them for being poor. The Republican party's purpose is nothing more or less than this: to take everything they can from the working class and give all of it to the ruling class.

Statement on Epic Systems Corp v Lewis Decision
DSA Madison


Democratic Socialists of America - Madison Rebukes the Epic Systems Corp v Lewis Decision

Madison, Wisconsin - May 21, 2018 - Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems Corp v Lewis is a defeat for working Americans and a big win for large corporations. By ruling that employers can contractually obligate workers to forego class action lawsuits in favor of individual arbitration, the Supreme Court has shattered the power workers have to collectively dispute unfair working conditions.

Epic, located in Verona, Wisconsin, illegally classified certain workers as exempt from overtime pay, then expected routine overtime work from those employees. When these workers brought a class action suit for fair pay, Epic used money made by the labor of its employees to pay for lawyers and court fees in a case that will result in worse conditions for working people throughout our country.

Statement on the NPC Decision regarding Danny Fetonte
Madison Area DSA Executive Committee

The Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee Interim Steering Committee decided on August 15 to enter mediation with elected NPC member Danny Fetonte, who is the subject of heated debate due to his past involvement with the police union organization CLEAT.

The Madison DSA chapter chose to make no statement on this matter before the decision because our executive committee was split, and we preferred polling our members to make a democratic decision on the stance that we as a chapter should take. We did not have a general membership meeting prior to the decision, however, and thus made no statement. We were asked by several other chapters to co-sign their statements, but declined for this reason as well.