DSA is funded by our membership — not corporate foundations or private companies. This ensures that DSA members are in full democratic and political control of our organization. Through national dues and local contributions, DSA members self-fund our own tools for liberation. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Contact us for more information.

Becoming a DSA Member

To become a member a DSA member, you must pay dues to our national organization. Annual dues are an option, but we encourage everyone who is financially able to become a national monthly sustaining member.

Rock River DSA

A new chapter of DSA is starting in the Rock River area! If you live in Janesville or the surrounding areas, contact to meet a member and learn about local organizing efforts.

Let us know!

It may take some time for us to be notified that you became a member. If you're excited to join DSA and want to get plugged in immediately, let us know and we'll have someone reach out to you!

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