Public Education

The Education group is here to make sure you're comfortable engaging with the issues that affect our community from a socialist perspective! We're here to help educate the chapter- as well as our families, friends, and neighbors- about socialism; what it is, what its been, and where we can go from here. We believe that learning together is one step towards building a future that is free, fair, and for everyone.

We do this in a few different ways:

  • Helping plan and facilitate education at chapter meetings and events
  • Orienting new members (and new socialists) to Madison DSA
  • Educating the public about socialism through events like lectures and book talks.
  • Developing the Madison DSA Socialist Night School (Coming Soon!)
  • Supporting democratic and equitable public education for all.

If you'd like to help us plan and facilitate, want to learn by doing, have a burning question, or are just trying to find a place where you fit in, shoot us an email, check out an event, or come to one of our meetings. Like all good Democratic Socialists, we welcome your input and involvement!

If you have a question you'd like some help answering or have some knowledge you'd like to share with the chapter, fill out our Red Ed form.