Medicare For All

The ultimate aim of socialists with regards to healthcare must be health justice. It is clear that there are numerous issues with the privatized and profit-driven healthcare system in the United States. We spend the most on healthcare of any nation on Earth for only mediocre outcomes. One way to begin fixing our healthcare system is to disentangle the profit motive of the insurance industry from patient care. To achieve this, the Democratic Socialists of America has nationally committed to a campaign to pass a single-payer Medicare For All bill.

On the local scale, the DSA Madison Medicare For All Work Group has identified several ways to support this campaign. First, we have organized a series of door-to-door canvasses in partnership with Physicians for a National Health Program. Second, we are creating a campaign to support Medicaid Expansion for Wisconsin residents. Governor Evers has supported the expansion in his budget proposal, but it will require pressure to ensure the state legislature includes it in the state budget. We believe that this campaign could help save vulnerable lives short-term while helping us build capacity to push for a national Medicare For All plan.

The Medicare For All Work Group meets every other week on a video call through Google Hangouts. If you would like to get involved or see what we’re up to, send a message to