Electoral Politics Working Group

The Electoral Politics Working Group (EPWG) formed in response to the demands of our membership that the chapter expand into electoral-based politics. Socialist movements have not held influence in Wisconsin politics for decades. In Dane County, and Madison in particular, centrism and neoliberal-informed progressivism have co-opted socialist and labor politics. This has left socialist voters with few options to advance the material interests of gender, ability, class, and racially oppressed groups. Madison DSA formed and Electoral Politics Working Group (EPWG) to advance democratic socialism through local political bodies, including elected offices.

The EPWG develops the Madison DSA local political platform, strategizes for elections, interviews and recommends candidates for endorsement, and mobilizes DSA members through canvassing, media outreach, and other methods to help realize our group's political platform. The EPWG's first active election cycle was the 2019 non-partisan election. The EPWG used feedback from the chapter membership to develop a political platform and interview candidates for mayor and school board. The chapter ultimately endorsed Ananda Mirilli's campaign for school board, which prevailed in the April 2nd election for an incumbent "progressive" candidate, who continued to support the racist Educational Resource Officer program in the face of criticism from students and community organizations. Having supported a successful campaign, the working group will be looking to expand its involvement in political bodies such as the Madison Common Council, Madison Metropolitan School District Board, and Dane County Board of Supervisors. The EPWG will also be looking to support socialist candidates in the 2020 state and local election cycle.

If you're interested, fill out the "Contact Us" form and make a note that you're interested in joining in on the work of the Electoral Politics Working Group!

Jacobin Reading Group

We join other members of Madison's leftist community to read and discuss books and articles (not often from Jacobin magazine these days) based on the group's preference. We meet monthly on average. A good place to learn from one another and engage with new ideas. Contact madisonjacobin@gmail.com to join!

Medicare For All Working Group

The ultimate aim of socialists with regards to healthcare must be health justice. It is clear that there are numerous issues with the privatized and profit-driven healthcare system in the United States. We spend the most on healthcare of any nation on Earth for only mediocre outcomes. One way to begin fixing our healthcare system is to disentangle the profit motive of the insurance industry from patient care. To achieve this, the Democratic Socialists of America has nationally committed to a campaign to pass a single-payer Medicare For All bill.

On the local scale, the DSA Madison Medicare For All Work Group has identified several ways to support this campaign. First, we have organized a series of door-to-door canvasses in partnership with Physicians for a National Health Program. Second, we are creating a campaign to support Medicaid Expansion for Wisconsin residents. Governor Evers has supported the expansion in his budget proposal, but it will require pressure to ensure the state legislature includes it in the state budget. We believe that this campaign could help save vulnerable lives short-term while helping us build capacity to push for a national Medicare For All plan.

The Medicare For All Work Group meets every other week on a video call through Google Hangouts. If you would like to get involved or see what we’re up to, send a message to dsamadisonm4a@gmail.com


The Mobilizer team is responsible for reaching out and scheduling meetings with new members or those interested in getting involved with the chapter. We have these meetings to inform about what is going on with our chapter and help find opportunities to volunteer.

We also have monthly meetings - open to all DSA members - to discuss what is going on in MADSA and plan on ways of both increasing membership and - most importantly - increasing member involvement. We do this because DSA's power to change our society, both locally and nationally is dependant on the mobilization of our members.

Those interested in being mobilized can email dsamadison@gmail.com or fill out our web form. Those who want to help mobilize can email us attend any of our monthly meetings.

Public Education Group

The Education group is here to make sure you're comfortable engaging with the issues that affect our community from a socialist perspective! We're here to help educate the chapter- as well as our families, friends, and neighbors- about socialism; what it is, what its been, and where we can go from here. We believe that learning together is one step towards building a future that is free, fair, and for everyone.

We do this in a few different ways:

  • Helping plan and facilitate education at chapter meetings and events
  • Orienting new members (and new socialists) to Madison DSA
  • Educating the public about socialism through events like lectures and book talks.
  • Developing the Madison DSA Socialist Night School (Coming Soon!)
  • Supporting democratic and equitable public education for all.

If you'd like to help us plan and facilitate, want to learn by doing, have a burning question, or are just trying to find a place where you fit in, shoot us an email, check out an event, or come to one of our meetings. Like all good Democratic Socialists, we welcome your input and involvement!

If you have a question you'd like some help answering or have some knowledge you'd like to share with the chapter, fill out our Red Ed form.

Women of DSA

The Women of DSA is a social gathering of female DSA members in Madison. The group was formed with the intention of crating a safe female-only space, and bringing more women into the local DSA community.

We meet once a month to socialize, share the daily sorrows of capitalism, and celebrate the joy of female camaraderie.