F-35 Capitol Protest
Friday, November 29th — 12:00pm - 1:30pm

The US Air Force sees Madison’s Truax Field as a preferred base for the F-35 combat jet. The jets are so much louder than current military aircraft that routine training operations would make several working class neighborhoods near Truax unlivable. Additionally, working class neighborhoods and schools in the radius just outside the intolerable zone would suffer extreme increases in noise and concomitant psychological stress.

While Madison DSA has yet to vote on whether to oppose the Air Force’s F-35 plans, several comrades have been active in the opposition. That opposition is rooted in the convergence of several DSA values. First, the neighborhoods affected are composed of working class folks who are disproportionately people of color. Second, existing Air Force operations at Truax have poisoned the local neighborhoods’ water with PFAS. Third, the F-35 is part of the ruling class, imperialistic/militaristic plan to impose their market-based version of “freedom” on the world. Finally, the status quo of militarism is extraordinarily carbon-intensive, rendering impossible any solution to the impending climate catastrophe.

If you can come out on Friday and want to make yourself heard, feel free to join the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition!

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