Medicare for All

What does Medicare for All mean?

A Single Health Program

Everyone will be covered by one health insurance program, administered by the federal government, and have equal access to all medical services and treatments.

Comprehensive Coverage

All services requiring a medical professional will be fully covered. You go to the doctor of your choice. Dental, vision, mental health, and pharmaceuticals are all included.

Free at the point of service

All healthcare costs will be financed through tax contributions based on ability to pay: no copays, no fees, no deductibles and no premiums. Ever.

Universal Coverage

Coverage for all United States residents — non-citizens included.


A jobs initiative and severance for those affected by the transition to government-run healthcare.

What We Do

We are campaigning to make single-payer Medicare for All healthcare a reality.

We work to pass federal legislation like Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act of 2017.

We support fights for state single-payer reforms in Wisconsin, such as Improved Badgercare for All.

We door-knock and canvass our neighbors to gain support for Medicare for All.

We organize panels and town halls across the country to educate about the program.

We organize rallies and demonstrations to pressure politicians to support single-payer.

We work with a broad coalition of healthcare advocacy groups like the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, the Physicians for a National Health Program, National Nurses United, Healthcare NOW, and more.

If you're interested in volunteering for the Medicare for All campaign, sign up here!


Mark Kelly ( and Marc Reisner (

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Expand to read the working group's charter
As members of Madison DSA, we propose the creation of a
  1. Medicare for All Working Group, hereafter M4AWG,
  2. which would report to the Madison DSA Chapter.
  3. The M4AWG will fulfill the following objectives:
    • We will work to decommodify medical care by advocating for a single payer program, Medicare for All,
    • We will work to build awareness, knowledge, and organizational activity about Medicare for All in the region of Madison DSA
    • We will work to build the organizational capacity, leadership ability, and membership engagement of Madison DSA
  4. using these initial strategies:
    • Conduct regular neighborhood canvassing events to educate about and build support for Medicare for All
    • Contact, build rapport with, and pressure local and state representatives.
    • Develop strategies to improve local access to high quality and affordable medical, dental, mental health, and long-term care available for all members of our community, regardless of class, race, or identity,
    • Have discussions about socialist policies on health care policy and justice, including internal and external education such as hearings, meetings, and workshops,
  5. to last until the above objectives are met.
  6. M4AWG will be governed by the bylaws of DSA Madison, which describe in detail the operation and leadership selection of Working Groups.
  7. We anticipate that we will need to spend no special allotment of funds other than for meeting space and incidental expenses such as printing.
  8. Membership is open to all Madison DSA members.