Counselors Not Cops

The Democratic Socialists of America – Madison Chapter endorses Counselors Not Cops for all the reasons outlined by the lead authors of the campaign. The youths and educators of the Madison Metropolitan School District deserve the best possible learning environment, one that ensures safety through trust and personal growth – not intimidation and punishment.

DSA Madison views Counselors Not Cops as one part of the overall shift necessary in American society, away from the expense and harm of coercive discipline and towards the services and support that bring young people to their potential. We also believe that most in-school issues are intimately connected to various inequities outside of school, such as unaffordable housing, inaccessible transportation, and inadequate health care. Investing in basic needs will inevitably improve all aspects of school performance. Conversely, treating school challenges in isolation will only yield incremental benefits, if any at all.

Either way, increasing policing is the wrong answer both inside and outside the classroom. DSA Madison’s vision of democratic socialism includes stable housing as a right, public investment in quality services, and Medicare for All. The Counselors Not Cops initiative is a big step in the right direction.